What Gift Will You Give?

Hey Beautiful Ones!

Happy 1st Sunday of 2016! Gift giving and receiving  is something that many of us are familiar with especially during this season. Companies spend billions of dollars every year telling us why we need to buy the new gadget on the scene and what joy it will bring.

After hearing a great sermon today, my question for you is What gift will you give? I am not referring to physical gifts such as: gold, frankinsence, or myrhh like the magi brought, but a gift that you have internally.

What gift/talent are you going to share with others? The gift of laughter, a smile, or even just the ministry of being present with someone is at times the best gift you can give. So in this season of giving and receiving, ask yourself “what gift can I bring.”




Take The Time, Make The Time

Hey Beautiful Ones!

One of my favorite things to do is travel! I love to explore new lands, foods, and just take some time for me! When is the last time that YOU, did something for YOU? Now maybe traveling isn’t your thing, or you physically can’t get away; however you can do something for YOU.

Taking the time to rest, relax, and reflect is vital to growth spiritually, mentally, and physically. It’s difficult to continue to give and share with others without refueling yourself. The older I get, the more I understand and value “me time.”

So whether it is five minutes or a whole day, take the time & make the time for YOU!

Wheels Up!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Beautiful Ones!

It seems like every year around this time I am inundated with emails, texts, and helpful challenges on how I can “become a better me.” While I meander and read some of them, the ones that caught my eye this year were the ones that aided in developing gifts, talents, and skills.

I was blessed to preach the last Sunday of 2015 in Michigan at my parents church. While it is a blessing to always visit and preach, this time the task seems a bit daunting since it was the last Sunday of the year. While praying and preparing the word that came was “You Were Born For Greatness: It’s In Your DNA. A simple, yet profound reminder that we are ALL born for greatness.

This blog is my attempt to “tap” into my desire to write and share some of my own musings all the while prayerfully up-lifting others in the process. We all have greatness inside of us. It’s time for us all to bloom and grow into our seasons.


pink flowe

Thank You

There are two words in the human language that are so profound, yet at times not said often enough–thank you. Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Grazie or however you verbally express your thanks is an important way to start your day.

We have all been culprit sometime in our life, forgetting to say this simple sentiment not only to the Divine, for: waking us up, giving us chance after chance, and forgiving us constantly; but also to others.

Giving thanks, saying thanks is an important way to end your day. Starting and ending your day with thanks invites you to focus on the now and the people, things, situations that give you joy. It allows you to begin and end your day on a positive note, despite whatever happens throughout the day.

So thank you. Thank you for taking the time to peruse this blog. Thank you for allowing me to begin this journey of thoughts and musings. Most importantly, thank you God for giving me life, love, and laughter.


NaBloPoMo November 2015

Stop & Take Notice

Have you ever stopped and taken notice of the environment surrounding your everyday routine? While taking a mid-evening stroll this past week, I was in awe of the handiwork of God that enveloped me in nature. The leaves were hues of orange and red, ducks were quacking, and a gentle breeze pushed me to complete my 3 mile walk for the day.

Simply overwhelmed by the beauty that God had created, I stopped and sat (picture below) and this came to my mind….

God’s faithfulness towards us is great! Mercies we see every morning, we just have to literally at times STOP & TAKE NOTICE! So as you begin the month of November: stop and feel the breeze, sit and listen for God’s voice, and sing praises to God, for His faithfulness.

Great is Thy Faithfulness photo

Happy November

NaBloPoMo November 2015


Have you ever had to wrestle with the feeling of the “unknown?” If not, let me describe it for you. It is a blend of: stomach churning, restless sleeping, plain old uncomfortableness!! It is a feeling that without proper tending, can completely take you over and make you feel hopeless…BUT there IS HOPE!

I am so glad that when I have this “unknown uneasiness” I can name it, and keep “swimming forward.” Though each stroke might get tougher and tougher, I am so glad that God has/is a life-saver.

Please do not get me wrong, the feeling of “floating alone” in a sea full of people, is SO real. However, I have learned that the moment I think I might just go under, God finds a way to prop me up and help me stay afloat. I have found that the life-saving property of God is MORE THAN enough to not only save me from drowning, but also gives me hope to float in my unknown “seas” of life.

So for those of you who find yourself in this SEAson of life, be up-lifted by the Ultimate Life-Saver, God. Know that your troubled sea of the unknown is utterly and completely known by God. God’s hand will lift you in ways that are unexpected, unexplainable, and unimaginable, just call out. Though you might feel like a woman/man overboard, know that these waves and turbulent times are pushing you away from the complacency of the shore line.

It’s time to set sail my friends. It’s time to go into the destiny of the unknown and face the waves. Face those things that have held you back for so long, FEAR, FAILURE, DEFEAT, DESPAIR. While I am not promising you that the next SEAsons of your life will be smooth sailing, I can attest that GOD, the Ultimate Life-Saver will step in; or should I say “swim” in right on time!



Life Raft

Spread Your Wings

Have you ever received a phone call that began with “I need your help?” The fact is that we all have in one way or another. While it is awesome to aid those in need, please don’t forget to help yourself! Too many times we choose to help others with their problems and dreams and neglect our own. The next thing you know their “wings” are spreading and you have either forgotten that you have “wings” or maybe have just given up altogether.

Wherever you find yourself on this life’s journey, don’t forget to spread your wings! God has given you amazing and beautiful gifts to share with the world. It is now time to seek God, stay with the vision that God has given you, and spread those wings! Brace yourself, not everyone is going to like your new-found ability to soar, but guess what who cares! There is plenty room for all of us to spread our wings and live the life that God is calling us to live.