God Is Still Good

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Sorry for the lapse of time that has passed since we have last met. I pray life is well with each of you. This past weekend I stumbled upon a scripture passage that caught my attention “…and if not HE is still good…” Daniel 3:18.

While examining the context of this text and my current reality, I had to pause and repeat Daniel 3:18 this to myself. Life can be filled with some crazy twists and turns that can at times leave one puzzled. I have recently found myself at this point. However, like the three Hebrew boys in the story of Daniel, …”if not HE (God) is still good.”When things are going well, it’s easy to trust God, but when things are not…, then what.

If you are going through a season of uncertainty just know that the same God who delivered the men from the lions den will deliver you. It might be in an unexpected way, but God is still the God of goodness and love.

Below is one of my favorite spots in Cuba at the beach.

It was a place of quiet and reflection for me. I go there tonight in my mind, and invite you to go to your “quiet space” and have some time with God.

God Loves You,  Beautiful Ones!



Renewing Waters

Hey Beautiful Ones!

I am back! 🙂 Have you ever had a day that was so remarkably amazing that you had to share?! Well, today while at a conference I was refreshed, renewed, and led to remember the refreshing hike I took last month in the Smoky Mountains. (picture below)

I hiked over 3 miles in crazy terrain and narrow slopes to finally behold a majestic waterfall in the middle of the mountains. The view was breathtaking. At times I wanted to quit, but I knew that the view would be to magnificent to miss..so I pressed on.

Life has tons of slippery slopes and obstacles that can deter you from your goal..however push/press on. Press on and find your “renewing water” that will give you hope again and strength for the journey. Allow the waters to splash their sprinkles of grace and love all around you.

You are not alone in this journey of life. People are walking this journey of faith with you. God is with you. The waters are calling…will you go?!


Go Slow, Take a Sip & Savor the Moment

Hello Beautiful Ones!

I can’t believe that it is April already. I was practicing an awesome discipline of writing daily, but kinda got off track…well I AM BACK! The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of work-related activities, traveling, and some serious reflective time.

I encourage you  to take a couple of moments a day and go slow, take a sip (of tea of course :)) and savor the moment. With all that is going on in the world around us and in our personal lives, we all need to take time and just breathe. Inhale the good, and exhale the hot mess that surrounds us.

While traveling in and around Guatemala, I was able to taste the most delectable chocolate tea. This tea, strong but subtle notes of cocoa makes you stop, sip, and savor the moment. As I purchased a satchel to take with me back to the States, I promised myself that at least once a month I would sip this tea and take a ME day. While I haven’t always kept that promise to myself, I have realized that it is one that I will most surely revisit and incorporate this month.

So in the midst of it all, be uplifted beautiful ones and stop, go slow, sip, and savor the moment.


Be UP-Lifted!



YOU Are Enough!

Hey Beautiful Ones!

Tonight I just wanted to remind you that YOU are enough. At times people, the media, and even those close to you can make you feel insignificant if you let them. Do not allow negativity to invade your sacred space. You are important. You are loved! You have value! You are enough! Blessings! image


Take the First Step

Hey Beautiful Ones!

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday. :/

“When is the last time you did something for the first time?” I love this quote for a variety of reasons. Taking the first step is always the hardest at times. However if you never try, then you will never know the “what if.”

This week try something new. That plan or idea you have put on the “back burner” for so long, pick it back up. It is time for you to take a great step in your destiny. You were made to do outstanding things!

Blessings! image