Happy April Beautiful Ones!

For many of us spring cleaning and a sense of purging our spaces is in full-swing!

Here is something for us to consider as we refresh our sacred spaces; don’t forget to clear that mental space!

So many times many of us have operated in fear and not faith. We know God is calling unto us but fear can sometimes creep in our thoughts, plans, and even conversations with others.

Guess what, we are called to walk in faith and not just co-exist with fear as our side-kick! We need to kick fear to the side and command our spaces to run freely in faith!

Yesterday I walked in faith and made public on social media my “on the side” business of ($5 Bling). Within minutes I had not only likes, (like me on FB-🙃), but also sales.

I 🛑 and 💭 why did it take me so long to walk in faith and post….The possibilities of why not came rushing to my mind, however God’s voice was louder.

So as you continue spring cleaning 🧹, sweep out all the junk of “I can’t, the “buts,” and whatever or whom ever has allowed you to stay stagnant in fear.

Issa a nope for FEAR! Let’s walk it out, in FAITH!

Toodles Beautiful Ones,

Rev. Christal

Day 25 “Grace upon Grace”

“Never forget who you are. Never forget whose you are. Never forget that your existence on this planet is special. You are here for a purpose, a reason, a miraculous unfolding of all you have to bring to the world. Hold on. Hope on. Don’t give up.”

Rev. Christal Bell

It is day 25 of 2019. It literally seemed like yesterday we were making arrangements for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year. Now we are twenty-five days into a new month in a brand new year. If your 25 days have been anything like mine, let’s just say it is moving at rocking speed. Every day and every step in this new year has truly taught me something about not only others but myself.

Life truly has its ebb and flow. People come and people go. Situations bring out the best and at times the worst in all of us. This season- Grow yourself, accept yourself, and love every moment in between. None of us are perfect. Though it might seem in a world filled with “likes,” IG hearts, snap filters, and every other customizable emoji created on social media platforms, no one’s life is marvelous all the time. We all have our moments of despair, disappointment, and yes even disdain. In a world where how many followers and friends follow you becomes a natural conversation topic, it might be time for some of us to readjust and realign ourselves with our true purpose and goals.

In Biblical numerology, many scholars agree that the number 25 deals around the concept of “grace upon grace” or blessings given by God. This “grace upon grace” concept is a “better than good to me” realization that despite mistakes and murky moments, God has continued to be faithful and extend a grace that we all are undeserving of.

Never forget that your life is a gift. You are a gift to the world no matter how many “likes” or “followers” you have on your digital platforms. God is a friend that gives a marvelous gift of grace to each of us. So today as you rest and hopefully arise to see day 26, know that God’s grace upon grace is with you. God’s grace is sufficient!

Let us have confidence, then, and approach God’s throne, where there is grace. There we will receive mercy and find grace to help us just when we need it.

 (Hebrews 4:16)


It seems like just yesterday we were finalizing Thanksgiving plans. Now ADVENT is here. Advent, the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. A time of 40 day reflection that invites us to ask for more: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.

This Advent season, I pray that you reflect, mediate, try something different that will allow you to “be still” and be present with the Spirit. Maybe it is driving in silence, maybe logging off of social media, whatever it is; I pray that you will experience God like never before in these next 40 days.

Blessings Beautiful Ones…

Get Ready to March Forward

Psalm 126




It is hard to believe that today is the last day in February! It seems like yesterday many of us were counting down the seconds until we would ring in the New Year. Many of us had high hopes of what the new year would bring. We got out healthy eating plan, exercise path, and other “get-right” tactics in gear. January 1, the gym was packed, smoothies were made, and plans were put into action. Now fast forward 2 months later, do you still have the outlook? Have you created new healthy habits, or have you completely fell off the band wagon? Whatever your answer may be, it’s ok, great things take time.

March is swiftly approaching us. I too like many are trying to reclaim my “march forward” attitude in a world filled of uncertainty and ambiguity. Let me be transparent for a moment, to paraphrase Langston Hughes, “life ain’t no crystal stair.” It is not all glam and glitter as many have portrayed on fakebook, only highlighting the “contoured” moments of life. To be honest, life at times is unconcealed, wrinkled, and in desperate need of a face-lift…LOL. Though these things are true, life is still a beautiful masterpiece crafted by the Master designer.

The “not-yets” of life are yet to unfold, but the beauty in all of it is the journey. The journey that beckons us to MARCH forward when we want to simply retreat back. The journey that invites us to revisit the pathways of light and love that we once let go of because of disappointment and daunting tasks.

If the Lord says the same, in 18 days I will celebrate another year of life. I will rejoice in the truth that though some dreams are unrealized and unattained I still have much to be grateful for. I feel like the Israelites in this passage who were captive in Babylon. Their harps had been hung up so long on the branches of willow trees, that when their joy was unexpectedly returned and restored they thought they were dreaming.

This is not a dream. You are fully awake. The release has come. You can pick up your harp and play again. Play stronger and bolder than before. MARCH forward in your work and your witness on this earth. With each step you take, may you stand taller, may your chin be made more erect, and may you know that your purpose is greater than your pain. MARCH forward, Beautiful Ones, this is your time.

Psalm 126:6

Message Translation

So those who went off with heavy hearts  will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing.