Be Still

IMG_0039 One of my absolute favorite spots on earth is the above beach in Aruba. I fell in love with the calm weather, the sand, and of course the water! Many of a times I was blessed to catch a sunset like no other. This is my sacred spot. This spot and even this picture reminds me of the beauty of God’s creation. The gentle breeze and soothing sounds of the waves have always invited me to inhale the goodness of God and exhale the stresses of my life. Since I can’t always travel back to this spot every week lol, I periodically look back at this photo and reflect.

Where is your sacred spot? Where is the place that you connect with God on a level that is hard to put in words?

I invite you while you are on this Lenten journey to get still and connect. My prayer for you this evening is that no matter where you are on this journey that you will take the time and be still. You might just be surprised how and what you hear from above.

Rest Well, Beautiful Ones…

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